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The Barry’s Bay & Area Minor Hockey Association (BBAMHA) takes this moment to welcome and thank you for volunteering your time for the kids registered in minor hockey.

The team manager is a central figure in creating and managing the flow of communication between the coaches, parents, and players of a team. The manager also is the primary point of contact with BBAMHA, other teams, referees, and other hockey officials. 

Managers are the lifeline of a team and their importance is significant. 

This information has been put together to help you in your duties as team manager and to hopefully answer any questions that may arise with your duties during the coming season. Any questions that may not have an answer in this information, please contact a member of the executive for the necessary information.

Any suggestions for improvements to the task as team manager and to this information is greatly appreciated. Simply forward any information that may need to be added and/or subtracted to this information through the association secretary via email.



As manager, you will provide the liaison between parents and the coaching staff. You will also be asked to be open to suggestions that make the hockey season more enjoyable to all concerned and also keep your team webpage updated The login for this website will be provided by the BBAMHA Webmaster.

It is important that the manager, in partnership with the coaching staff, know the rules of:

1.    The Barry’s Bay and Area Minor Hockey Association (BBAMHA). 

2.    The Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League (UOVMHL).

3.    Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).

Other duties as team manager are as follows:

1.   All members of the team staff have the appropriate documentation required to participate with the team practices and games. A team must have a qualified bench staff. Typically, this will be the Head Coach, some Assistant Coaches, a Trainer, and the Manager. All bench staff must complete the necessary qualifications before the end of November for each season. 

2.   Team manager requires the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders certificate along with all other members of the coaching and training staff.

3.   Complete team list with player and affiliated player forms (if necessary).

4.   Distribute regular season schedule to all team members of the team - website/online App, Referee in Chief and PJYCC Staff

5.   Inform all necessary parties of game cancellation and game rescheduling, including Referee in Chief and PJYCC Staff

6.   Inform all affected members of the team and division Convenor of any player(s) and/or coach(s) suspension.

7.   Fill out all necessary information required on the game sheet

8.   Along with the assistance of the coaching staff, prepare for your association home tournament.

9.   Be the main point of contact for the BBAMHA for your team to ensure your team is aware of any season changes or updates.

10. All financial matters and financial records.

11. Optional - Inform the media (Local papers) of any games results to be published in the weekly newspaper.

The manager should ask for help from the parents, as needed, with the above tasks. Have someone take care of the game jerseys, write up and send game results to the newspaper, take the responsibility of the home tournament, etc.


Managers will be given a master schedule of all games in their division through access to the online website.
Review the schedule making sure that your home games and times are listed correctly. If not, inform the division Convenor and the opposing team(s) of the mistake.

It is good practice to provide your players, parents, coaches, and trainers with a monthly calendar schedule showing practices and games, times and locations. Any changes occurring after handing out the calendar can be brought to the attention of everyone by passing out the changes on a piece of paper and having everyone make the change on the calendars at home.

Inform the Referee in Chief and arena staff of all your home games. It is suggested that you give these people a copy of your simplified schedule for their references.

When receiving a master schedule, you should also receive a copy of all team coaches and managers in your division along with the name and address of your division Convenor. If not received, you may be able to find this on the Upper Valley Minor Hockey website or through your association Convenor.


Before the season begins the coach may want to schedule an exhibition game.  BBAMHA will cover the cost for officials for one home exhibition game ahead of the season start date. Managers may contact any other league team and schedule an exhibition game during one of your practice ice times. Notify the arena that the ice time is a game and contact Referee in Chief for officials to be assigned


If a game needs to be cancelled and/or rescheduled, the following people need to be informed:

     1. Division Convenor

     2. Opposing team

     3. Arena staff (for home games)

     4. Referee In Chief

The team will be held responsible for the cost of ice time and referees if the arena staff and head-referee were not informed of a game cancellation.

Cancellation of games, with the exception of weather, must be notified to the opposing team and your division Convenor at a minimum of 72 hours before the game was to be played. They must be replayed within 30 days of the scheduled date of the original game. All games cancelled before December 31 must be replayed before December 31 of that hockey season.

Cancellation of games due to weather shall be done within a reasonable time.

If the school busses are cancelled on a game day due to inclement weather do not immediately assume your home or away game has been cancelled as the weather later in the afternoon may improve. Communicate with the other team manager throughout the day during poor weather conditions. 

Example:  If a game is scheduled at 4pm, please wait till 12pm to cancel. Do not cancel the game at 9am as the weather may change. PLEASE USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.

*There will likely be schedule conflicts or even missing games, please review your schedule carefully. It is up to the managers to work together to correct any errors.
*All games that are scheduled before Christmas, must be rescheduled/played before Christmas as per District.*

Steps to Reschedule Home Games:
- Contact PJYCC Ice Scheduler to find 2-3 appropriate options. 
(It is helpful if you creep the opposing team's schedule on their association webpage to see when they already have games scheduled beforehand!)
- Present those options to the Manager of the opposing team - manager contact info can be found on the UOVMHL site once it gets updated. If you cannot find it on UOVMHL- try looking at their association page for the Coach's contact or even the Registrar's, to help you track them down. 
- When a new date/time is agreed upon, contact:
* Our Referee in Chief
* AND your Convenor to confirm/notify them of the change.
- Login to the UOVMHL site and reschedule the game on the master schedule - Remember: Do not Delete the game - be sure to just Edit the date/time (in your game details, write "rescheduled from DD/MM/YY" in case of conflict)
This should automatically update on your BBAMHA webpage.
- Confirm with the opposing team manager that you have completed the change.
Rescheduling an Away Game
- Contact the opposing team manager and request the change
- you must choose one of the options they provide (unless they haven't done their homework and you have games on every day offered)
For the playoffs, you will be contacted by your division Convenor about your scheduled ice times at the arena and then will inform you of your scheduled games. Remember to inform the Referee in Chief and the arena staff of your playoff schedule.


Game officials (referees and timekeepers) are scheduled by BBAMHA Referee in Chief. The RIC regularly reviews the schedule online and assigns officials to each game. If you make any changes to the schedule for home games you must contact BBAMHA Referee in Chief and advise of such. Do not assume they will automatically see the change. 

If a manager does not notify the RIC of a game cancellations and officials show up, the team will be responsible for paying the cost of the officials. If a game is re-scheduled and no officials are scheduled, league rules direct that the game must be rescheduled at the opponents arena and that the team is responsible for BOTH the cost of ice time and officials. 


You will be required to maintain a monthly ice time tracking sheet. A sample form has been provided under 'Forms and Links'.
This form must be returned at the end of each month to the Association Ice Scheduler. This is required for the association to track and cross reference the expense of ice rentals.

All ice times should be noted on this form (practices, games) including ice times not used due to games cancelled and/or rescheduled.

The team will be held responsible for the cost of ice time and referees if the arena staff and Referee in Chief were not informed of a game cancellation.


You will be required to submit a monthly Financial Report. A sample spreadsheet has been provided under 'Forms and Links'
At month end, your team financial sheet with updated balance must be provided to all team parents/guardians as well as to the BBAMHA Treasurer for review. Any funds collected through raffles, tournaments, donations, etc. must be documented.
If funds are not utilized by the end of the team's season, they are to be donated back to BBAMHA. 


Game sheets are available in the front office file cabinet.  The refs room also has extras if you find that there are none left in the office. Please let someone know if we need to restock!
Some managers like to create stickers to place on each copy of the game sheet so that you don't have to handwrite players /bench staff names every time (just cross off players that aren't present).

Once you have filled out your portion, pass the sheet to the opposing team to complete.  
Collect the sheet when they are done and pass it to the time keeper or game officials.
At the end of the game, collect the game sheet from the Officials, making sure that they've signed it.

The manager will obtain proper copies at the end of the game and then forward these copies to the appropriate individuals.

1st Copy: responsibility of home team: to the Division Convenor

2nd Copy: to the winning team (if it’s a tie to the home team)

3rd Copy: to the losing team (If it’s a tie to the visiting team)

4th Copy: to the BBAMHA Treasurer. (Drop box at arena) This copy will be use to keep records of referees & linesman for their fees.

Game sheets may not be altered by anyone after the officials of the game have signed off.

Check with your Division Convenor - in the past, some have preferred a photo of the game sheet submitted via email after each game and then mailing the hardcopies biweekly/monthly. While others have just wanted the hardcopies mailed weekly.
Convenor emails can be found on the UOVMHL website. 

The manager of the Home team is responsible for reporting the game score.
Please allow the opposing team at least 24hrs to input the stats and if not done, you can then go ahead and do so.

Log into UOVMHL - Click on the 'Statistics' Tab
Click on 'Report Game Score'
Search and select your game
Click 'Report'
Enter the Score and any suspensions that may have occurred.
Submit :)


Once the players have been assigned to a team, the BBAMHA Registrar will create the teams Official Roster. This will be sent to the team's manager in a PDF format. The Official Roster is what is required to be submitted to any tournament.  

If you wish to affiliate a player(s) to your team, you will be responsible to complete all necessary forms, have them signed and returned to the association registrar. These forms can be obtained from the association registrar.

All players must be on a team list prior to playing in the league. No affiliated player(s) can go on the ice for practice or to play a game until all documents have been signed by the district registrar and returned to your team via the association registrar.

Only team officials listed on the team roster will be permitted on the ice during practice and on the bench during a game.

You will require a copy of these lists from other teams that will enter your tournament.

Only the Association Registrar may contact the district registrar concerning team roster and affiliated player(s).


Once playoffs begin to be scheduled the manager may not find out who their first round opponent will be until the last minute. Mangers will need to note whether they will be the home team or visiting team for the playoff round. This is important as the home team begins the scheduling process for the round of games.

Following the scheduling guidelines, the home team will provide ice times for games one and three to the opposing manager. The opposing manager is to schedule game two in between those ice times, and consider a game four ice time. There is only a certain timeframe to complete all four games so the sooner you can schedule games within that block of time, the better. 


It is the responsibility of the manager to enter any suspensions in the district TTM (online suspension reporting system) for games to players and/or team officials. Inform the individuals of the length and when the suspensions will be served, immediately following the game. Login will be provided to new manager from UOVMHL District 5 Chair.

The manager should also notify the referee at the start of the game of the suspension so that he may register it on the game sheet. Please inform the referee of which suspension it is (ex. 1 of 1, 1 of 2, etc.).

If your team is at a tournament, inform the division Convenor as soon as possible of the suspension and its length. If the player sits the required game(s) during the tournament, inform the division Convenor of which games the player sat and remember to indicate the suspension on the game sheet for the official to initial.

See your HEO Website under CODE OF DISCIPLINE - TTM system for the required suspensions and lengths of suspensions.

If any information is required on this matter when it occurs, contact your division Convenor and he/she will inform you of the correct type of suspension that is to be served.

If any appeals for games are required, please refer to HEO website for more infomation.

HEO/District 5 Rules and Regulations

A copy of the UOVMHL rules and regulations is available on the website and information will be available at the district coaches and managers meeting with the executive at the start of the hockey season. This is a required meeting that a member of the bench staff needs to attend.

Please read and know your league and HEO rules and regulations.
Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League (



It is important to inform the parents of the 24 hour cool down rule before confronting the coaching staff concerning a game. Complaints concerning the team or an individual should be addressed to the manager, in writing, before any action is to be taken concerning the situation.

It is a good practice to have parents, players and team officials read, and if necessary, sign the 'FAIR PLAY CODE' sheet at the start of the hockey season. This can be provided to you through the executive.

If not satisfied with the outcome, the complaint may be forwarded to the association executive for further review.

If a complaint needs to be addressed concerning a hockey game involving your team, the manager must inform the division Convenor of the complaint and must forward a written copy of this complaint to him or her. If not satisfied, your complaint must be made in writing, signed and directed to the Secretary of the U.O.V.M.H.L. or they will not be considered.

No complaints or appeals shall go to the O.D.M.H.A. until they have been heard by the UOVMHL executive first.

Respect your Convenors. No Convenor deserves to be yelled or swore at. They are instructed by the league to follow the rules. Remember, they too are volunteers and have guidelines to follow.

Only team officials may contact the Convenor.


No cell phones and/or cameras in the dressing rooms. Players and bench staff shall ensure they conduct themselves appropriately at all times which includes no offensive or obscene language. The dressing room shall be clean and free from garbage before they depart. Players are not to spray water or other liquid within the dressing room. If they do, it must be cleaned up! A mop is available from the arena staff

2 DEEP RULE Replaced by the RULE OF TWO

Always two adults in the dressing room at all times. If you are leaving the dressing room, take a quick look around and make sure you are not leaving an adult alone.  If you are leaving - please wait for another adult to arrive. When you are entering the dressing room, please wait at the door for another adult so that you are not alone. This includes coach, bench staff, manager and/or parent.

Rule of Two

To best ensure safety for all participants, all minor hockey programs sanctioned by Hockey Canada and its
Members are required to implement the ‘Rule of Two’ for all dressing rooms. The ‘Rule of Two’ requires
two trained and screened adults to be present in the dressing room or immediately outside the dressing
room with the door propped open to monitor the environment and ensure it is free of any discrimination,
harassment, bullying, or other forms of maltreatment. The Rule of Two remains in place when showers
are in use.


The Tournament Convenor will make hosting a home tournament a priority. Managers will ensure parent volunteers are available to assist for the day. Running a canteen is optional and confirming with arena staff to check availability of the upstairs lounge for the day is essential. Managers will provide each visiting team coach and/or manager with a copy of your tournament rules. Have teams fill out game sheets before they are to step on the ice and have a team official sign the verification box once completed.

All tournament WHITE game sheets must be submitted to the division Convenor within 7 days (postmarked 7days) of the conclusion of the tournament.


Book your tournaments early! If accommodations will be needed, book those early as well as hotels fill up quickly on tournament weekends! An entry fee will need to be paid before a team is officially entered in the tournament. BBAMHA understands that fundraising doesn't generate enough funds early in a season and therefore has implemented a feature to help teams. Manager's may request an advancement of funds that may be used solely for registering their team in an away tournament. This will reduce the burden on the manager or parents from immediately funding the event. This advancement is to be repaid to BBAMHA prior to a deadline set by the Executive. To request funds or for further information, contact the BBAMHA Treasurer. 


The manager will be responsible to get hockey jerseys, and if required, goalie equipment for their team.

The association equipment manager is to be contacted for sweaters and goalie equipment.Manager's will be provided a set of home and away game jerseys. Record who has each jersey number as you will need this for the game sheets. 

Players should be reminded to care for the jerseys throughout the season including appropriate washing. Rolling a wet jersey into a ball and leaving it in a hockey back for weeks not only will produce a ripe garment in the dressing room, but will reduce the lifespan of the jersey.

Game jerseys are not to be worn during practice sessions. Hockey jerseys are a big expense to BBAMHA and taking good care of them will ensure longevity. 

You may consider appointing parents to collect the jerseys after each game for washing and returning ahead of the next game. 
The manager is to make sure that all hockey jerseys and any goalie equipment borrowed be returned to the association equipment manager at the end of your final game played.


Please send all information of your team game to local papers whatever the outcome of the game. The kids enjoy seeing their names in the paper whether they win or lose. All information to the leader must be submitted by 12pm (noon) Monday's to the attention of:

Valley Gazette Attn: Mike 
-mail: [email protected]

They will require the following information to put in the paper:

1.    Score of the game.

2.    Visiting team.

3.    Goal(s) scored by.

4.    Goal(s) assisted by.

5.    Goaltender's name.

6.    Picture(s), if you have.